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PTSA General Meeting#4

April 12, 2016 Minutes 


Pitner PTSA

General Meeting #4 Minutes

April 12, 2016


I.     Call to Order- Meeting called to order at 2:30 p.m.


II.    Pledge of allegiance-


III.   Treasurer’s Report- presented by Stephane Bayliss.

        Robyn Adams motioned to accept amended budget, Katie Hilliard seconded.

        Ms. Dobbs questioned about purchasing what she’s requesting.

        She will get together with Stephane Bayliss and give the information on who we can contact to purchase items.


IV.   Election of 2016-2017 Executive Committee Members-

        Nominating Committee-Katrina Bishop, Marcie Tarwater, Michele Deutchman, Ayanna Wardell, and Natalie Pease, and Mr. Inthirathvongsy.

        New Executive Committee Members for 2016-2017:

         (Co-Presidents)- Danielle Armstead and Stephane Bayliss

         (Co-Vice President)- Mykell Vasel and Michele Wendel

         (Secretary)- Roxana Rowland

         (Treasurer)- Robyn Adams

         Gina Correia motioned to approve 2016-2017 New Executive Committee Members, Julie Baker seconded.


V.     Adjournment- Tracey Homer motioned to adjourn at 2:35 p.m., Deborah Blake seconded.